Prompt Cargo And Logistics : Vision & Mission

PROMPT CARGO AND LOGISTICS is amongst the renowned cargo service providers headquartered at Delhi. We offer services including Roadways Cargo Services, , Customs Clearance Services, Road Services etc.
In order to achive our mission, the complete Logistics Company commits to the following : PROMPT CARGO AND LOGISTICS mission is to provide innovative, practical and top quality logistics services that improve business solutions. Our goal is to add value for Clients, Colleagus, business partners and share holders through consistent pursuit of excellence and commitment to our shared values. Through a long term commitment to this mission, we will be known as the company that is dedicated to service and quality. Our clients, vendors, associates see the complete Logistics as offering an environment that encourages teamwork and share the rewards. To provide zero-defect logistics we advanced Computer technology, in an efficient and customer-driven manner, resulting in total satisfaction of our customers.

1.) Treat our associates with honesty & integrity. We stand by our word consistently rigorously following through on all commitments.
2.) Follow the philosophy that opens communication & creates trusting productive relationships. Commit to sharing information timely, accurately, and completely. Listen and understand rather than judge.
3.) We resolve to be good corporate citizens. Focused on safety, family values, and quality of life, making a positive difference in our community. .