Prompt Cargo And Logistic: VAS(Value Added Services)

1.) FOD (Freight-on-delivery) : Option of paying at the time of delivery.
2.) COD* (Cash-on-delivery) : Collection of Cash against delivery from your customer and remitting it to you online through e-Banking.
3.) DOD (Draft / Cheque-on-delivery): Collection of Cheque / Draft on your behalf at the time of delivery.
4.) Inbound Rate Agreement : Ensures hassle-freee, convenient supplies from your vendors. Also gives you the advantage of dealing with one company at agreed rates.
5.) Documentation Assistance : Information on forms, permits, legal / statutory requirments including clearance of check posts.
6.) Holiday & Sunday Pick-up / Delivery : At Prompt Cargo And Logistic we are sensitive to your urgent delivery commitment which is why we provide the option for pick-up / delivery on Sundays / Holidays.
7.) Octori Clearing Facility : Octori Clearance on behalf of customers.
8.) Tamper - proof packing : Special bags for safe handling of high value cargo.
9.) Fragile goods packing : Prompt Cargo And Logistic offers packing solutions for fragile goods like marble, statue, glassware.

Prompt Cargo And Logistics: Terms & Conditions

1.) APPLICABILITY The provision set out and referred to in this AWB shall apply to all modes or transportation carried out by Prompt Cargo And Logistics.
2.) This AWB is a contract between the shipper and the parties. The parties means and include shipper, receiver and their representatives.
3.) The AWB is issued strictly on the basis of information provided by the shipper, in event of anydiscrepancies in terms of weight the different amount will be collected from the parties.
4.) In case of shipment being held up any statutory authority such as but not limited to sales tax, customs, excise, checkpost officials, octroi and entry tax officials etc. Prompt Cargo And Logistics will not be responsible for any consequential loss/freight refund. Parties agree to make good the loss if any to Prompt Cargo And Logistics due the insufficient/wrong documentation/declaration.
5.) The parties hereby declare that shipment covered under this AWB does not include contraband, hazardous orprohibited articles, Prompt Cargo And Logistics shall have right for general linen over all the shipment to the parties towards any dues payable to Prompt Cargo And Logistics if the lien is not satisfied with a reasonable time Prompt Cargo And Logistics may at its absolute direction sell the good or part there to recover the money due.
6.) The refund of freight may be entertained subject to Force Measures such as strikes, Bandhs, Elections, Rains, Floods, accidents, festivals other natural climates and any other events beyond control of Prompt Cargo And Logistics, including the routine and or sudden inspection carried out by the authorities to the concerned departments to inspect the goods along with the vehicle which is beyond the control of Prompt Cargo And Logistics.
7.) Freight refund if any is applicable to non-contractual customers only is for shipments booked through paid basis only. For contractual customers, contract terms and condiiions agreed by and between the parties shall prevail.
8.) Freight refund as explained above have to be claimed in writing along with original POD (Proof of Delivery) within 1 months from the date of delivery. No claim will be entertained in lose of scan POD and after 1 months from the date of delivery.
9.) The party shall pay the freight and other charges within 15 days from the date of submission of bill. In case on non-payment of bill amount within the stipulated time parties shall be liable for paymentof interest at the rate of 2% per months. Bill will be raised on delivery even if POD is not submitted.
10.) The parties shall not be entitled to deduct adjustlset off any amount due to Prompt Cargo And Logistics on claims including loss of transporters Invoices copy and delivery challan etc. However Prompt Cargo And Logistics will extend co-operation is necessary in enabling the shipper to obtain the duplicate copy.
11.) In the event of any claims subject to any exceptional available under law Prompt Cargo And Logistics is liable to the extent of actual cost of the shipment of the value declared by the parties (which ever is lower) or the actual loss suffered by the parties as per the document is issued by Prompt Cargo And Logistics. No consequential loss can be claimed.
12.) Prompt Cargo And Logistics assumes no responsibility and/or liability in case materials is outwardly intact at the time of effecting delivery lodging of claim for damages shortages, breakages, leakages, pilferage etc. After taking delivery will not be entertained in any circumstances what so ever. However, parties may insist for open delivery in case the shipment in outwardly in damaged condition, to assess the loss if any. by following the due process of law and the policy and procedure as defined by Prompt Cargo And Logistics.
13.) No claim shall be entertained by Prompt Cargo And Logistics unless and untill all the dues payable to Prompt Cargo And Logistics is declared by the parties including statutory payment made by Prompt Cargo And Logistic made behalf of the parties is reimbursed.
14.) No claim shall be entertained by Prompt Cargo And Logistics twwards loss due to shortages damages pilferages, leakages for the shipments unless a written claim is lodged within 30 days from the date of booking.
15.) If the parties do not take delivery of the shipment due to any reason what so ever Prompt Cargo And Logistics shall raise bill towards transportation and other charges as lodged within 30 days the parties shall be liable to pay the same to Prompt Cargo And Logistics.
16.) If the shipment is not accepted by the parties when tendered for delivery for any reason Prompt Cargo And Logistics shall be entitled to send the shipment to unclaimed goods department to proceed with aale of shipment to realise any dues payable by the parties by issuing prescribed notices.
17.) In case party fails to take delivery of the shipment within 48hrs from the date of tendering the shipment for delivery a demmurrage charges of 0.1% of the declared values of the shipment or Rs 1 per kg will be charge.
18.) The terms and conditions stipulates in this AWB is in addition to any other contract terms agreed upon between Prompt Cargo And Logistics and parties.
19.) Any dispute or differences arising from the AWB shall be reffered to an arbitrator Prompt Cargo And Logistics shall be entitled to nominate a sole arbitrator to adjudicate the dispute.
20.) The venue for any arising out of this AWB Prompt Cargo And Logistics shall intiate action legally before the Delhi court alone and courts as Delhi shall alone have exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate all claims.